About My Climate Dilemma

My name is Yael Finer and I host and produce My Climate Dilemma.

I had climate anxiety myself and I was heartbroken to learn what destruction humans are capable of. It made me avoid the news and almost give up on people. I went on a long journey to listen to my calling.

In 2016 I moved with my family to BC, Canada, bought a property and have been growing my own veggies since. I then realized it’s not enough and one needs a community. I volunteered in 3 different local organizations and learned the beauty and power of community. I learned people are not inherently bad but we were conditioned to do bad decisions.

I coached environment and social activists to achieve better results. Learned about politics. Hosted climate grief-sharing circles and Joanna Macy’s workshops. I learned how much people are alone facing the Climate and nature collapse. We are not really alone in this pain and anger we just don’t know how to talk about it.

Then COVID-19 hit. I was pregnant with Yara at that time. I did vast qualitative research on how people speak and think about hot topics. I interviewed more than 120 people until a friend told me he would love to listen to those conversations.

I started the Effective Conversations Podcast to help people talk about hot topics and transform the conversation and polarization that is the root of tyranny, wars, the collapse of communities and how citizens lose their rights.

I came across the Fairy Creek community and got involved with the cause of saving old growth forests in BC. And I learned about the depth of capitalism and colonialism on this land and why it affected so many indigenous people so badly.

But my passion was fixing the root cause of things. For 16 years I practised Chinese medicine, Japanese medicine and bodywork to help people heal from their physical pain. What I learned is that most of our physical pain has emotional and spiritual roots. We are disconnected from our source, from our planet, and from nature. We are living in a non-natural environment, eating non-natural food, full of chemicals and suffering, we work too many hours and rest too little.

To create the change we want, we need to change our mindset, our relationships with each other, with nature and with ourselves. The My Climate Show is all about transformation for you, the listener. Through the intimate stories and personal dilemmas you'll hear, you'll learn more about yourself, what holds you back, what do you really need, how to accept yourself and your limitation and how to challenge yourself to the next level. You will explore your feelings and learn how to talk about the climate without overwhelming others.

I'm so happy that you're here and I'd love to connect with you on Twitter @yaelfiner where I write daily about these issues.

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