Do you wonder if you should drive less, recycle more, or go to a climate march instead?

You probably deal with these questions alone in your own mind and in your own home, but it's embarrassing to talk about it. It always seems like nobody else cares.

This podcast is a series of conversations with regular people just like you, looking for their own way to be part of the solution.

Our answers may be different but our goal is the same.

Latest Episodes

David - Should you help one person even if you can't help everyone?

David Quigg is a musician, songwriter and climate activist, who works for Sierra Club BC. Together, we explore the question he faced when he was only five years old: S...

Ulrike - How far should you push your family on climate issues?

Ulrike thought she knew what her life and career were going to look like until one day she woke up and it all seemed meaningless. What she cares about shifted literall...

Desiree - Can we still feel joy while whole ecosystems collapse?

This is the second episode with Desiree. This time we explore the place of joy in times of climate crisis and personal loss. Desiree speaks about the root of the ecosy...

Desiree - Can your banana peels make a difference?

Desiree is an agelessly wise woman. She is a writer, psychology student and freegan. We were talking about veganism, freeganism and saving the planet and the hard choi...

Gaya - Are you doing enough?

Gaya is a brilliant nutritionist from Israel. She gets anxious about engaging with the climate crisis and avoids the negative energies altogether. This episode starts ...

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